View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
The fantastic skyline as seen from just down the street.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Working for the good of the 'hood!

Last night, Barry and Jeff went to the kick off event held my Spirit Magazine, the one found in the seats on Southwest Airlines. The party was to celebrate the start of work on a 24-36 page edition focused on Baltimore. Barry will be working with Federal hill Main Street, Federal Hill Business Association and the Federal Hill Hospitality Association to try to gain as much exposure for the Federal Hill community as possible. The estimated reach of this magazine's edition is around 3 million people.

President of the Federal Hill Business Association, (Barry is one of the vice presidents), Sonny Morstein was there with his beautiful wife Randi. Though the event was a bit crowded, it was a fantastic opportunity to meet some great people that seem to be willing to help the Federal Hill Neighborhood get the recognition of greatness that is justly deserves.

Main Street, Federal Hill Business Association & The Federal Hill Hospitality have agreed to pull together to work on Crime, beautification, fund raising and advertising/PR projects in the upcoming year. United we have many more resources and can accomplish a great deal more compared to each organization acting as an island unto itself. We all share in this great neighborhoods future so we are all sharing in the work to get to the next level!

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