View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Business Travelers: Top Ten Reasons to Stay at a B&B

It never ceases to amaze me the huge number of business travelers, convention & conference goers, etc who still only think of Behemoth cold and lonely hotels as where they MUST stay while away from home on business. It is as if they are making the "horrible business trip" into a self fulfilling prophecy by not staying in a B&B, a true home away from home.

Here I have compiled my personal TOP TEN REASONS that Business Travelers should stay at a B&B rather than a Hotel.

10. Make your business trip fun with themed packages of exciting things to explore after your meetings!

Hotels often are too sterile where they shouldn't be & not sterile enough where they should be.

PERKS INSTEAD OF POINTS! Homemade goodies, comped beverages & more you can have right now during your stay instead of having to rack up points to redeem during some other far off trip.

Staying at a Bed & Breakfast makes it easier to connect & network with very interesting people...fellow guests like yourself!

When you repeatedly stay at a B&B you & your individual tastes are remembered like when you are staying with a good friend!

Just like You & Your home, everything in a B&B is unique. You deserve a unique experience in travel. You should be able to choose a room that fits your personality, not be forced to stay in a cookie cutter box with photo copied artwork and soulless furniture and fabrics. In a hotel room, unless you are looking out the window, you could never tell f you are in Bangkok or L.A., Seattle or Baltimore. In a Bed & , you know exactly where you are, in YOUR ROOM!

Get flexible check-ins and check-outs with B&Bs - No more dragging luggage to your last meeting!

Did you know that most B&Bs will gladly meet your dietary needs. Vegan, No Problem, hate eggs? Got it. Get food You WANT to eat!

Wifi is normally included in rate when you stay. Why pay extra for work you have to do anyway?

AND BEST OF ALL, Homemade fresh breakfast is INCLUDED in the rate. Start your day off right with a full meal that satisfies your tummy and your schedule.

There you have it. Now where will you be staying when you travel next on business? If coming to Baltimore, stay with us, of course. If traveling somewhere else, try or,,, or the illustrious or look up B&Bs on, (where we are currently rated # 1 in Baltimore AND the entire State of Maryland.)

Thanks for reading and happy traveling :)

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