View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
The fantastic skyline as seen from just down the street.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celebrate the Spooky with a Scare-cation!

Summer has left us and Autumn is on the horizon. In a few weeks we will start our decorating with pumpkins, straw bales, corn stalks and such. The smell of oranges, cloves cinnamon and apples will waft through the air as we begin serving our mulled cider (with or without the butterscotch schnapps is your choice) and baking gingerbread, our rosemary sweet potato waffles and our pumpkin pancakes. The weather will be turning cooler with a slight breeze in the air making this sweater weather such an enjoyable time to wander through the streets of Baltimore and explore the historic places, building, restaurants and boutiques that make the charmed city so, well ...charming.
Did you go on a short get away this year only to find you could still use some time to recharge you batteries? Are you looking for an escape that will be unique, fun, thrilling and relaxing all at the same time? Well have we got ideas for you! These little chances to commune with the dearly departed, adventures with the undead or journeys into the gruesome deserve a befitting title. Come stay with us for a spell and enjoy your very own
We have just created a new page on our website dedicated to the, shall we say, more spirited side of Baltimore and other parts of Maryland. Here you can find lists and video clips of haunted houses, historical ghostly places, and professionally created attractions filled with ghastly creatures. This website celebrates even the smaller places rumored to be haunted within our very own neighborhood. To add even more to the phantasmagorical party here, we are holding the
Drawing of Dread! The spirits themselves will be providing the tricks and we are providing the treats! Anyone making a reservation occurring in the month of October will have a chance to win some mighty fine treats indeed: passes to the professional haunts of Goatman Hollow or Legends of the Fog, creepy Goatman Hollow tee shirts, Tickets for two to the Baltimore Ghost Tours, and gift cards to the reportedly haunted Ryleigh's Oyster Bar & Restaurant!
We hope you will be able to come enjoy all we have to offer, soul warming breakfasts, excursions to chill you to the bone, and new memories that will warm your heart for a lifetime!

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