View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
The fantastic skyline as seen from just down the street.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring brings so many new things...

Spring has certainly sprung here in Federal Hill.

Its warm and rainy, making the trees and plant so green it almost hurts your eyes. Flowers are blooming and neighborhood events are about to get starting.

In Baltimore, the running of the Preakness seems to be the final shout out that Spring has arrived and is here to stay, least until it is overtaken by the heat and humidity of Summer. We are filled to the gills with guests this weekend for the annual race.

We have a lot of other Spring time events going on around here as well.

Friday, May 23rd brings us Spring Fever. This night of fun and shopping has many of the boutiques and shops open until midnight with progressive discounts starting at 8 PM and running until midnight. Many of them offer refreshments as well.

Speaking of shopping, a brand new boutique has opened and miracle of miracles, they sell BOTH MEN'S AND WOMEN'S clothing, as well as home and fashion accessories. The boutique is called Whimsy/Reason and it one of the best looking shops I have ever been in. Their selection of goods is fun and the mother/daughter team that owns it are gracious and wonderfully friendly!

Other new things are coming down the pike as well. We are hoping to have a new website up and running, hopefully by June first. All of the elements that make our current website so easy to use will still be their, plus a lot more content and the overall look and feel will be much more fun and unique, just like us.

Hope you are having a great day. Mine just keeps getting better...our assistant Claudette just took some chocolate chip cookies out of the oven. Guess i had better do my innkeeperly duty and taste a few to ensure they are fit for the guests. :)

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