View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
The fantastic skyline as seen from just down the street.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Can you feel it?

Its been snowy most of the day. But even the cold cannot put a damper on the huge amount of excitement in the B&B today!

We are filled with people who have traveled to see tomorrow's historic inauguration. We have a couple that have journeyed all the way from Australia, using their one week's worth of paid vacation a year to stay with us and see President-elect Obama become President Obama. They spent over 5 hours on Google looking for accommodations are are thrilled to have found us.

This is just one of the many stories our guests have shared with us.

We are awaiting the arrival of 2 business men from the UK who were traveling on business and have decided to take the time to be witness to history in the making as well.

MSNBC has been showing the huge multitudes of people already gathering on the Washington Mall...and i admit i am both not surprised and at the same time amazed.

I love the energy of hopeful optimism that is in the air...Jeff and I felt it when we were present at the War Memorial downtown to see and here soon to be President Obama speak on a stop on this way to DC. And now, we are absolutely thrilled to have this same positive emotion and energy flowing through our own home due to the many guests who are staying with us to share in this event.

I hope this post finds you in good spirits and that no matter what your political affiliation, you too are looking forward to 2009 as a new beginning on many levels and that together, person to person, human being to human being, brought together out of common decency, respect and love for our fellow man, we can work together to build the great and bright future that is meant to be not just for our country, but for the betterment of the entire world.

And when you need a small break from this energizing and tireless work, you choose to stay with us to unwind and relax! LOL...hows that for a little plug?

Seriously though...i hope that you can feel the love and excitement too.

We are all blessed in our own way...celebrate it! Live your dreams now more than ever! And most importantly, help and support others, your friends, families, loved ones, neighbors... to do the same!

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