View from Federal Hill Park

View from Federal Hill Park
The fantastic skyline as seen from just down the street.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out of touch no longer...

Things here have been crazed….We had the highest occupancy on record for December, were deeply involved with Yulefest, were one of the stops on Festive Flavors food and Business Tour, Supported Federal Hill Main Street with all of its Holiday Happenings and started the remodel of the Curran Room into the Edgar Allan Poe Suite. I was also interviewed on on how to best utilize for your business. Since we are #1 on for the whole city, it was an easy and fun interview. That was just the month of December!

Another exciting piece of news is being listed as one of the best accommodations for single women travelers in the Irish Times newspaper. It is a long and very informative article, you can find us in the paragraph about fave places to stay by the lovely lady contributors.

Getting the E.A. Poe Suite f
inished for guest this past weekend was a bit hectic…soooo much stuff to organize and make flow appropriately, you know us...all of those tiny details had to be perfect. But at last it is done! Thankfully it has turned out better than either Jeff or I could have imagined. The fabrics, bed, select comfort sleep number king sized bed, over scaled mantle, seating area, the list goes on and on of the many things i love about this room. We have been listed in the b paper as one of the best places to celebrate Edgar Allan Poe because of our fantastic new Suite!

Now gearing up for the inauguration, which should be interesting indeed.

Had a last minute cancellation for the inauguration. So had to scramble to find someone to fill it…nearly everyone had given up hope of finding accommodations or had already made other plans...but thankfully and with some help of an inn in DC we did fill it back up. So we are now full from tonight through Tuesday.

We did carve out some time to stand in the cold for a while to see President-elect Obama downtown yesterday. It was very exciting! And the positive energy of hope and excitement for the future was palpable.

Speaking of exciting events, you should check out our new Things To Do page on our website. It now has a calendar listing many of the exciting events occurring throughout the year in the Charm City. You can even select events to show up according to your own unique interests: Performing Arts, Festivals, Museums and/or Sports and Recreation!

We still have many rooms available for February, so if you are looking for a get away before the rates increase in the Spring, now is a great time! February is the month for romance anyway and there is little more romantic than a stay at Scarborough Fair.

I will write more soon!

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